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The Big Picture: economic and political summary for April QuotedData

See what investment trust managers are saying about prospects in their region or sector



Look too good to be true? It probably is, and may be a scam

Ponzi Schemes and Pyramid Schemes - graphic showing how they work and what to look out for



Investing Basics: Investing in your 40s & 50s

If you’re in your 40s or 50s, there’s a good chance you are already investing, be it through a



Financial education: Part 7 – what young adults should know

More basics of money management on your journey to financial independence



DIY investing: How much risk should you take?

Investing always involves risk and past returns can’t just be projected to continue; while

What is Bitcoin mining?

Global investing in blue chip companies

Why should investors care about ESG?

‘Huge pick up in demand for cybersecurity’

The Scottish Investment Trust – executive interview

Oxford Biomedica – Edison Open House interview

Neil Shah, Edison Group – Edison’s bull/bear game

Hydrogen: Rising fast in the global energy mix

Gervais Williams, Premier Miton – Edison’s bull/bear game

Webinar: The new energy ecosystem – generation, storage and efficiency

Global perspectives – strategy briefing

Will a gap emerge between the demand for capital and its supply?

Aberdeen Asian Income Fund – fund manager interview

Witan Investment Trust: Half year results – interview with Andrew Bell

Lindsell Train – fund manager interview with Nick Train

COVID-19 and investment trusts: An opportunity for change

Anthony Cross, Liontrust – Edison’s bull/bear game

Liontrust – fund manager interview with Anthony Cross

COVID-19 and investment trusts: The dividend challenge

A beginners guide to exchange traded funds

Blankstone Sington AIM IHT portfolio service: Edison’s bull/bear game

Miton Global Opportunities – fund manager interview

Premier Global Infrastructure Trust – fund manager interview

COVID-19: New challenges for investment trusts webinar

Andy Brough, Schroders: Edison’s bull/bear game

Dividends without end?

David Buik: Edison’s bull/bear game

Acorn Income Fund – executive interview

BMO Global Asset Management: Edison’s bull/bear game

Oil price outlook and equity market impacts

Economic life after lockdown

ESG: Will the world turn greener after COVID-19?

Bitesize Briefing: Difficult headlines, discounted markets

Executive Interview – Premier Miton Investors

Navigating a stock market crisis

COVID-19: understanding the science & investment implications

How blockchain is set to disrupt the financial services industry

How to find the good in the bad

COVID-19: The race is on

COVID-19: Learning from Asia’s response

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