Join the DIY Investing Revolution

Join the DIY Investing Revolution

Following the government’s 2012 Retail Distribution Review (RDR) hundreds of thousands of people realised that the ‘free’ financial advice they had been receiving was nothing of the sort.


RDR left 15.8 million people with no access to financial advice or facing punitive fees.


General Financial Review£500
Investment Initial advice/set up £11,000 ISA £358
Investment strategy on a £50,000 investment£1,500
Retirement Planning Advice on an £80 per month pension contribution£450
In retirement Converting a £30,000 pot into a lump sum and an annuity £675
At retirement advice on £100,000 pension pot £2,000


Following the 2015 pension freedoms, and with technology as the enabler, it is now estimated that 23 million people in the UK are taking at least some control of their finances and DIY Investor is here to help.


DIY Investor delivers information to experienced investors and education to those new to savings and investment.

Average cost of a wedding £22,000 (Money Saving Expert)
Average student debt £40,000 (Which)
Historically low interest on savings 
UK average property price up 10% in 2015 to £205,240  (Halifax)
Pension pots exhausted 5 – 12 years ahead of life expectancy  (State Market Foundation)
London average property price £485,000 (Savills) deposit required £77,000 (Nationwide)

The number of financial advisers fell dramatically, and as a result 6.5 million clients 3 were ‘orphaned’ as they were unwilling to pay £150 per hour 4 for advice or were ditched as being unprofitable by their adviser because they had less than £100k to invest.


goal without a plan

1 Heath Report November 2014

2 Atomik Research August 2014

3 Deloitte Survey 2014



Who Cares More About Your Money Than you do?

It’s For People like us

DIY Investor is for anyone who wants to learn more about investing and establish their own financial plan.

Pay off debt


Give your children a financial head start


Build a rainy day fund


Buy a property or pay off a mortgage


Plan for and thrive in retirement


Pay for a car, holiday or wedding

Making Investing Accessible

DIY Investor seeks to increase levels of financial literacy and demystify the jargon around investment products

Understand your attitude to risk


Set your financial objectives


Understand investments


Build a balanced investment portfolio


Learn from industry experts and commentators

Stronger Together

Crowds make good decisions; come together with people like you, learn from others, share experience and plan your future

Create a personal profile


Set your goals and build a financial plan


See what people just like you are doing


Learn from others


Share experience

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