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ETF Securities provides accessible investment solutions, enabling investors to intelligently diversify their portfolios beyond traditional asset classes and strategies.


We are pioneers in specialist investments, having developed the world’s first gold exchange traded commodity. Today we offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of specialist exchange traded products (ETPs) covering commodities, FX and thematic equities traded on major exchanges across the world.


Using that pioneering spirit, our unrivalled expertise and by working with best-in-class third parties, we seek out the most relevant opportunities and make them accessible to investors as intelligent alternatives.



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How to invest




ETF Securities’ ETPs issue securities that trade like equities and are available to trade via ordinary brokerage accounts or investment platforms.
ETF Securities’ ETPs are generally considered to be suitable for investment via investment vehicles such as ISAs and SIPPs.
The price of securities will depend on the current value of the underlying commodity or index on which the ETP is based and will also include various fees and charges. Please see below for further details of the applicable fees and charges.


Fees & Charges


Fees and charges are mainly split into three types:

Product Fee


This refers to the fees subtracted to cover the cost of operating the product.

Bid/Offer Spread

This refers to the price a market maker* charges an investor when they buy or sell an ETP on a stock exchange. This is often quoted in basis points – one hundredth of a percent – so a 10 basis point spread would indicate a 0.1% difference between the market maker’s bid (the price at which an investor would sell), and the price the market maker offers (the price at which an investor would buy).
A market maker is a specialist in providing prices for investors to buy or sell at.


Broker/Platform charges


This refers to the charges exacted by the broker or platform for executing the requested order.
For more information about specific product fees, please see individual product pages.




ETF Securities ETPs trade on one or more of the following regulated stock exchanges and multilateral trading facilities:

Traditional Exchanges:


Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs)




Investors cannot buy or sell from ETF Securities directly. Please consult an independent investment adviser prior to making any investment decision in order to determine its suitability to your circumstances. For further information on brokers and investment advisers please consult The Wealth Management Association (WMA).

Educational Guide to ETPs

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ETF Securities believes investors should always understand and fully appreciate the risks involved in their investments. In light of this, we have produced ETPedia, which aims to provide investors with an unbiased reference to Exchange Traded Products (ETPs).


Introduction to ETPedia


Investors can watch our series of short animated videos for an overview of ETPs, or visit the relevant online sections of our ETPedia for more in-depth information.



ETPs at a Glance



ETP Structure



Benefits and Risks of ETPs



Creation and Redemption



Costs and Performance



Active and Passive Investments






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Currencies Decoded

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Foreign Exchange (FX) offers investors a diverse choice of investment opportunities.
Recently, currencies have come into focus for many investors due to elevated levels of volatility and increased uncertainty around monetary policy.


As a result, investors have indicated a need for greater education and research to help them better understand currencies and access these opportunities.
In response, ETF Securities has developed a series of short animated FX educational videos, in conjunction with a range of research and investment ideas focussed on currencies.
The first in ETF Securities’ new series of FX educational videos gives investors an introduction to the currency markets and explores the basics elements of currency investing.



The second in our FX educational series evaluates the various mediums of currency investing, focusing particularly on the growing use of Exchange Traded Product (ETPs) by investors to access the Foreign Exchange market.



Explaining how investors can include FX as part of their balanced portfolio.



The final video in our FX educational series explores the core FX investment strategies that underpin currency markets and the theories that support these concepts.




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