J.P. Morgan Asset Management

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The UK’s leading investment trust manager*



Ground breaking – Over

100 years’ investment

trust experience,

responding dynamically

to clients’ evolving



Global reach – A global

network of investment

professionals that take a


approach, uncovering

new investment

opportunities around

the world


Depth & breadth

Providing a range of

over 20 investment

trusts investing in a

variety of regions


Multiple investment

options – Offering

opportunities for

income, growth and a

combination of both


*Source: Association of Investment
Companies as at 31 May 2016 in
terms of assets under management
and number of investment
companies. Moneyfacts 2017
award for ‘Best Investment Trust
Provider’ on 21 September 2017.
All Rights Reserved.


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Investing for Income


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Enhance existing income – income
investing can help reduce the strain
placed on your savings by rising
inflation, lower interest rates and
growing longevity


Dampen market volatility – regular
income pay outs can help to
cushion the impact of market


Grow your savings over time
reinvesting income can boost
returns and provide an alternative
to low interest savings accounts


Income focused investment trusts


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JPMAM 0518 Binoculars


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