Muckle – the Community


‘Mony a Mickle Maks a Muckle’

Archaic or Scottish & Northern English proverb – ‘Many Small Amounts Accumulate to Make a Large Amount’


DIY Investor defines and unites a community of those taking control of their personal finances.

Since April 2014 DIY Investor Magazine has delivered timely market and product information to more than three quarters of a million experienced investors via its relationship with a wide range of retail stockbrokers.

DIY Investor now reaches out to the ever growing number either denied advice or unwilling to pay for it post RDR, and those that want to feel in control of their finances.

DIY Investor is not for those looking to get rich quick or unearth that mythical ‘ten-bagger’.

It is for those that are looking to improve their understanding of investments and to build a long term strategy that allows them to achieve their financial objectives whilst remaining comfortable with the level of risk that their money is exposed to.

DIY Investor has this ancient proverb as its founding principle – many small things combined over a long period of time create a larger thing; savings and investments 101.

Crowds make good decisions; the aggregate of all of the entries in the ‘guess the number of sweets in the jar’ stall at your village fete will be uncannily close to the correct answer.

We encourage you to sign up and actively embrace the community because there will always be experiences to share or knowledge to be gleaned that will improve the lot of those joining the DIY investing revolution.



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