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DIY Investor defines and unites a community of self-directed investors.

It delivers timely information to experienced investors as well as education to those new to savings and investment.

As a founding principle it has the archaic northern English or Scottish saying ‘mony a mickle maks a muckle’ – broadly, many small things combined over time create something larger; a blueprint for successful savings and investment.

Risk questionnaire Strongly agree Agree Neither agree
nor disagree
Disagree Strongly
1 My friends would say that I am cautious.
2 I prefer my money to be safe from risk
3 I have put money in a risky investment
4 I have experienced considerable gain from a risky investment.
5 I have been extremely risky in my past with financial investments
6 Even if I could get high returns, I would prefer not to invest my money in something that might decline in value.
7 Being financially cautious is important to me
8 I would never make a high-risk investment
9 Maximising long-term investments is my goal, and I would be willing to accept dramatic, short-term drops in value to achieve this
10 Overall, how likely is it that you would take a significant financial risk?
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