QuotedData’s James Carthew recently interviewed the two Baronesses that are part of the team fighting to fix the sector’s cost disclosures problem



0:00 – Why and how did you get involved in the campaign?
3:31 – Why is this issue important for investors?
8:18 – Is legislation the answer to resolving this issue?
14:50 – Surely the daily NAV for investment companies already takes into account the costs?
19:13– Can you explain the government’s consultation on the replacement of PRIIPs, which attracted a substantial response?
25:37 – Do you think it makes sense for legislation to continue regulating investment company disclosures?
25:37 – Has the FCA held any meetings with campaigners and has the FCA given any reasons for its different interpretation of the rules, compared to other countries?
28:14 – On Baroness Altmann’s Bill that’s going through the House of Lords, how would that relate to cost disclosure?
31:40 – If there were to be an election, do you have any insights into how attitudes might change if there were to be a Labour government?
34:11 – What are your views on the AIC proposals?
40:49 – The investment companies’ industry is mostly owned by UK investors, would changing the MiFID disclosure rules attract additional flow?
43:13 – Who should be pushing to make these changes?



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