Money management advice is everywhere these days, as more people take personal financial control.  

TV programmes, financial websites, social media and even friends and family will all have opinions to share about how you should manage your money.  

However, despite all the advice, tips, ideas and new digital tools to manage your personal finances, these three golden rules will never change. 

Golden Rule #1: Don’t spend more than you earn 
Basic money management starts with this rule. If you always spend less than you earn, your finances will always be in good shape. Understand the difference between needs and wants, live within your income, and don’t take on any unnecessary debt. Simples. 

Golden Rule #2: Always plan for the future 
Get the savings habit by paying yourself first. On payday, transfer money to your savings account even before you pay bills. Set up a regular transfer to save money automatically. Planning for the future means preparing for the unexpected, building up an emergency fund to handle life’s unforeseen expenses.  

Golden Rule #3: Help your money grow 
Once your savings start to build, find ways to grow your money through investing. This is especially important for long-term savings strategies such as retirement planning. There are many investment types available at various levels of risk, so always make sure you thoroughly understand the kind of product you’re investing in. Time is on your side for your retirement and other long-term goals when you start saving and investing as much as you can, as early as you can. 
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