DIY Investor Magazine Issue 34

diy investing

….would you sleep with me for a million pounds?


  • Japan’s quiet recovery holds promise for investors
  • Taking stock in a volatile market
  • Perspective: Why investors can’t ignore the ‘S’ in ESG
  • At the cutting edge of Japan’s technological transformation
  • Catch a tiger by the tail….
  • How Japan is making strides on sustainability
  • How Netflix is losing subscribers
  • Sustainable growth through volatile markets
  • Canadian stocks have a lot of tailwind in their favour
  • The crisis in Ukraine
  • Fishing for an Asian Fund? China or Vietnam?
  • The new sector we have invested in
  • Income from equities
  • Q2 2022: The big bad bear
  • Thoughts of Douglas
  • What is a target date fund?
  • How do ETFs work?
  • Equity strategy and market outlook


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