….would you sleep with me for a million pounds?

So Big Dog has had his day; has there been a period of greater political, economic and social upheaval in living memory?

With shades of ‘The Great War 1914 – 1917’ Covid was followed very closely by the abomination in Ukraine, an energy crisis and rampant inflation; and markets are not happy – those that claim to, may not have seen it all before.

Good news from a DIY investing perspective is that according to a Boring Money survey, at the end of 2021 there were 6m self-directed investors – a 28% year-on-year increase – with accounts set to rise by 66% in the next four years.

However, levels of financial literacy were often poor; ongoing access to education, good content and advocacy will be vital in keeping those new to investing engaged and committed to a long-term strategy.

But where to invest? Variously attributed to George Bernard Shaw, Winston Churchill and Groucho Marx, the question posed in the title is what price do you put on remaining true to your moral compass?

From frippery for crusties, ESG investments have been front and centre of late, but ‘events dear boy’ have turned some heads.

In this issue Saltydog Investor reveals that the commodity and energy funds he holds have returned 30% when most other sectors tanked.

There needs to be significant investment in R&D and behavioural change if alternatives and renewable energy sources are to help stave off the ravages of climate change; but who is going to tell investors to miss out as countries facing ruinous spikes in energy prices ramp up production of fossil fuels?

Inequality has been placed into sharp relief – queues of the privileged at airports mirrored by those of the desperate at food banks is where two worlds collide. Sustainable Aviation Fuels, upon which aviation pins all its hopes of achieving ‘Jet Zero’ are dependent upon the use of ‘biomass’… or ‘food’ to you and I.

Proffering the choice between flying or dying would seem politically untenable; how about a ‘windfall’ tax on a government that takes 52.95p per litre of fuel plus 20% VAT?

In the meantime, go on then Groucho, but no cheques, and you’ll have to sort out that cigar breath

In this issue:


  • Japan’s quiet recovery holds promise for investors
  • Taking stock in a volatile market
  • Perspective: Why investors can’t ignore the ‘S’ in ESG
  • At the cutting edge of Japan’s technological transformation
  • Catch a tiger by the tail….
  • How Japan is making strides on sustainability
  • How Netflix is losing subscribers
  • Sustainable growth through volatile markets
  • Canadian stocks have a lot of tailwind in their favour
  • The crisis in Ukraine
  • Fishing for an Asian Fund? China or Vietnam?
  • The new sector we have invested in
  • Income from equities
  • Q2 2022: The big bad bear
  • Thoughts of Douglas
  • What is a target date fund?
  • How do ETFs work?
  • Equity strategy and market outlook

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