DIY Investor Magazine Issue 29

The pandemic delivered a big boost to DIY investing; now the most common feedback we get from those new to investing, is ‘I wish I’d started sooner’.

Duration is a key factor in a successful investment strategy, so it stands to reason that the more young people that are engaged the better; the guidance and advocacy of a friend or relative may be sufficient to stimulate curiosity and interest – time talking to children about all things financial is rarely wasted.

And it is not just children that can benefit; a glance at a statement for an elderly relative recently showed that the £13,064 in her 2020/21 Santander ‘Easy ISA’ had rewarded her with just £6.85.

Many are seeing the real value of their money decline, but a recent Boring Money survey found that 75% of people were not confident enough to invest.

As Gamestop demonstrated (Wolves in casual clothing take Gamestop to the next level) the Internet is an increasingly important source of information for investors, and there will always be those seeking to take advantage; Tik Tok is fast becoming the compendium for money making tips, and its reach is enormous – #personalfinancetips has 30.3bn views.

There may be many things you’d prefer your children not to access online, but it makes sense to ensure they have the basic knowledge to process and contextualise the information they find. In this issue:

  • ……teach them well and let them lead the way
  • Brighter Outlook for Japanese Stocks?
  • The Great Rotation: Will it Endure?
  • How Can Investors Access the UK’s Industrial Recovery?
  • Quality Growth, Growing Income, Discounted Price
  • Inflation – the Latest Fad or the Theme of the Future?
  • Delivering a Decade of Growth From Japanese Equities
  • Inflation and Financials: Concern or Opportunity?
  • Insights from Silicon Valley: Optimism Versus Pessimism
  • Three Key Trends Fuelling the Commercial Space Industry
  • Keystone Positive Change: Profit and Purpose
  • QD View…on Drugs, and Other Aspects of Healthcare
  • The Income Fund we have Just Bought
  • Investing Basics: Simple Rules for Successful Investing
  • Long-Term Investor Checklist
  • Investing Basics: Equity Share Classes

Talk to them – they really are the future!

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