‘a few more years of Brexit purgatory….’ 1

With only 2-days of campaigning left the main parties are running around trying to persuade the undecided they are the best choice.

Whilst I have consistently said that I don’t believe that a majority Labour government is what the country needs, I feel even more strongly that the 5-more years of a Johnson led Tory government would be a disaster.

A hung parliament, in this instance, is the least of the evils

Only yesterday we saw graphic evidence of the privations that their misgovernment, austerity and fixations with Brexit, has bought on the NHS.

I have no intention of dwelling on the young lad left overnight, there are likely hundreds of examples like that which could be cited.

Johnson reaction was that of panic, how do I deal with this? Why now after we have run such a well-choreographed campaign.

The timing of this is opportune, it simply serves to highlight the type of government we could be electing in 2-days’ time.

‘At worst Johnson might seem like a bumbling idiot, but he represents a much greater threat’

At worst Johnson might seem like a bumbling idiot, but he represents a much greater threat.

When, due to his rushed and fumbled Brexit deal,  the economy falters, he will resort to the traditional far-right tactics; crude racism to blame foreign ‘enemies’, and their beloved ‘stab-in-the-back’ theory to attacks  the ‘elite’, the judges, civil servants or any upholder of rights.

In his campaign connivance Johnson has been aided by much of the media, only this week was the Mail on Sunday found ‘guilty’ on publishing incorrect information on Labour’s election pledges, however there was no requirement to publish a retraction.

This is commonplace, every Labour campaign is labelled by Tories as a national ‘danger’, e.g. there were ‘New Labour, New Danger’ posters against Tony Blair in 1997.

John McDonnell’s ‘first 100 days’ plan set out yesterday offered hope to many, there danger was to the few who have benefited disproportionality in recent years.

The reality is that there will be no majority Labour government to implement supposedly reckless legislation, let us hope that is true of the Tories, too.

We would all fare better with a minority government forced to work with progressive parties, with the obligation to consult and agree.


‘They’re selling off the NHS to cowboys / they’re cutting back on nurses but investing it in hearses / the nitwits and the we-don’t-have-a-clue boys.’ 1


OK, those that regularly get stuck in to Philip’s lyric-fest will know that with fully thirteen, yes thirteen, points on offer last week he was at his most munificent, and some may suggest his most waspish once they’d unpicked the Gordian Knot he’d woven.

So, here we are, with a midweek treat; all based around the release of a track that when described thus by the Guardian: ‘Government from hell’: Brian Eno releases song attacking Tories over NHS’ probably wont have you turning off Slade or concocting a ‘push pineapple, grind coffee’ accompaniment.

With all sorts or deadlines looming, this one’s simple – you’ve either picked up on Brian Eno’s ‘Everything’s up With the Tories’ or you haven’t; either way, you’ll be empty handed – do you think he’s made of points? Enjoy. But possibly only if you’ve just been poorly in the back of a car operated by a ‘resting’ Uber driver. 



Philip Gilbert 2Philip Gilbert is a city-based corporate financier, and former investment banker.

Philip is a great believer in meritocracy, and in the belief that if you want something enough you can make it happen. These beliefs were formed in his formative years, of the late 1970s and 80s


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