At lunchtimes throughout March, Kepler Trust Intelligence will be hosting online sessions with fund managers and investors, examining a wide range of strategies and themes to meet the needs of a diversified portfolio

Each week we will turn our attention to a broad investment theme, and during that week we will host one presentation per day, focused on a unique option for investors who are seeking ideas within that theme.

Every session will start at 12.00 and run for one hour, including time for questions from the audience, moderated by a member of the Kepler Trust Intelligence team.

Week One: Bounce (Maybe) Bounce – w/c 4th March

Five bombed out sectors that could pay off if the tide turns…

  • UK small caps – Rockwood Strategic
    • We think appetite for UK stocks generally could bounce with the election out of the way and more political stability to follow
  • UK Commercial Property – Picton Property Income
    • With more and more workers back in the office, we think the sector is oversold
  • China – Baillie Gifford China Growth
    • With more to gain from good relations with the West than it has to gain from eternal pariah status, China must eventually come in from the cold
  • UK equity income – Schroder Income Growth
    • Better rates on deposit may appeal but income growth trumps all in the long term



Week Two – Gimmie Shelter – w/c 11th March

Five themes for a rapidly changing investment landscape…

  • Europe – BlackRock Greater Europe
    • While scepticism about the EU project may persist, global companies that happen to be based on the continent (often not even in the EU) are going cheap
  • Energy transition – BlackRock Energy & Resources Income
    • Walking the tightrope between demand for clean energy tomorrow and the need for more energy today
  • If not China where else? – Ashoka India Equity
    • For those who want EM exposure without exposure to China, what are the alternatives?



Week Three – Megatrends – w/c 18th March

Five themes that will matter to your portfolio for the next two decades…

  • Natural resources – BlackRock World Mining
    • More people with more money need more things which are made of more stuff
  • Older, richer, sicker – International Biotechnology
    • All over the world, the need for better healthcare and the wealth to afford it is growing
  • Technology – Allianz Technology Trust
    • We aren’t going anywhere without it
  • Infrastructure – BBGI Global Infrastructure
    • As the enrichment of the developing world gathers momentum, and developed economies creak with out-of-date kit, infrastructure spending looks set to continue



Week Four – Funding Your Retirement – w/c 25th March

Three trusts for three different stages on the road to retirement…

  • Once upon a time – Bellevue Healthcare
    • A long-term play for those with time to spare
  • Halfway there – CT UK Capital & Income
    • A dividend hero offering the potential for capital growth alongside a growing income
  • Livin’ on a prayer – Greencoat UK Wind
    • A stable income from a sustainable portfolio





04 Mar
Rockwood Strategic
Richard Staveley, 12:00
View fund research for Rockwood Strategic >
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05 Mar

Picton Property Income
Michael Morris, 12:00

View fund research for Picton Income >

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06 Mar

Baillie Gifford China Growth
Sophie Earnshaw, 12:00

View fund research for Baillie Gifford China Growth >

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08 Mar
Schroder Income Growth
Sue Noffke, 12:00

View fund research for Schroder Income Growth >

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11 Mar
BlackRock Greater Europe
Stefan Gries, 12:00

View fund research for BlackRock Greater Europe >

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12 Mar
BlackRock Energy & Resources Income
Mark Hume, 10:00

View fund research for BlackRock Energy & Resources >

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15 Mar

Ashoka India Equity
Ayush Abhijeet, 12:00

View fund research on Ashoka India Equity >

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18 Mar

BlackRock World Mining
Evy Hambro, 12:00

View fund research on BlackRock World Mining >

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19 Mar
International Biotechnology Trust
Ailsa Craig & Marek Poszepczynski, 12:00

View fund research on International Biotechnology Trust >

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20 Mar

Allianz Technology Trust
Michael Seidenberg, 15:00

View fund research for Allianz Technology Trust >

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21 Mar

BBGI Global Infrastructure
Duncan Ball, 12:00

View fund research on BBGI Global Infrastructure >

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25 Mar
Bellevue Healthcare
Paul Major, 12:00

View fund research on Bellevue Healthcare >

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26 Mar

CT UK Capital & Income
Julian Cane, 12:00

View fund research on CT UK Capital & Income >

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27 Mar

Greencoat UK Wind
Stephen Lilley, 12:00

View fund research on Greencoat UK Wind >

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