Each week, we provide our members with up-to-date performance data on a wide range of funds. We do not guarantee to include all funds, but we cover the majority of UK domiciled funds available to retail investors.


We arrange them in their Investment Association (IA) sectors and then combine the sectors to form our own Saltydog groups.

We use the historic volatility of the sectors to determine which group funds end up in. The least volatile sectors are in the ‘Safe Haven’ group. Then there is the ‘Slow Ahead’ group, followed by ‘Steady As She Goes’ and, finally, the two ‘Full Steam Ahead’ groups. We report on funds in the specialist sector separately.

The groups can be used to help control the overall volatility of a balanced portfolio






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Data source: Morningstar


In the ‘Slow Ahead’ group, the best-performing fund was Baillie Gifford Managed from the Mixed Investment 40-85% shares sector. Last year, it went up by more than 33%. The worst-performing fund in the sector went down by more than 11%.

There was a bigger difference in the Flexible sector, from the ‘Steady as She Goes’ Group, where the Liontrust Global Alpha fund went up by 44%, while the TB Wise Multi-Asset Income fund lost 11%.

The most extreme case was in the North American sector. The leading fund, Baillie Gifford American, gained nearly 122%, but the worst fund, M&G North American Value, made a loss.

These top-performing funds will be familiar to our members. They have regularly appeared in our weekly shortlists and have been included in our two demonstration portfolios, Tugboat and Ocean Liner.  


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