etfsETC Group and HANetf has launched a metaverse ETF, offering investors access to a range of companies building the technologies to support the concept, Investment Week can reveal.


Metaverse ETF will list on London Stock Exchange later this month and will be passported for sale across Europe.

It will track the Solactive ETC Group Global Metaverse index and marks the first ETF to provide European investors direct and focused access to the megatrend.

The fund will include pure-play exposure to virtual and augment reality, 3D graphics, semiconductors, high-speed wireless communications, online gaming, video streaming, blockchain technologies and connected cloud, file and data storage.

Founder and co-CEO of ETC Group Bradley Duke said: ‘The Metaverse has been hard for investors to avoid. It has gone from an obscure, theoretical idea to being variously described as everything from the evolution of virtual reality to the next iteration of the internet. Our ETF will allow investors to gain exposure to this exciting investment opportunity.’

Timo Pfeiffer, chief markets officer at Solactive, added: ‘Progressing technology and rising computation power are reshaping our daily lives.We are starting to see unimaginable worlds in virtual spaces, and the Metaverse is the next stage of this landscape.

‘With our spirit of innovation, we aim at delivering the latest trends in investing to our clients and we are happy that ETC Group and HANetf share this mindset with us and launched such a cutting-edge product.’


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