DIY Investor Magazine Issue 39



Get your tips out…


  • ‘Swiftonomics’ and Global GDP
  • Staying on course in a volatile sector…
  • Where next for Japanese equities?
  • QD View: Is there an easy fix to the sector’s discount problem?
  • We’re going to need a bigger boat…
  • AI – opportunity or threat?
  • Get rich slow: Half empty or half full?
  • How we are playing the Indian stock market boom
  • DIY investors outdo the professionals
  • Investment trusts: 6% returns on cash, too good to resist?
  • Media watch: Still waiting…
  • My Q3 2023 portfolio review
  • Liquidity – shrinking when it’s most needed
  • How much has everyone else got in a pension?
  • How might we reduce the slings and arrows of financial stress?
  • Investing Basics: Index investing for the DIY investor
  • The fund sector delivering consistent returns despite choppy markets
  • Investing Basics: The advantages of ETF investing
  • Spender to Saver > Saver to Investor



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