DIY Investor Magazine issue 37



Strings attached…


  • Green shoots for global markets in 2023
  • Navigating inflation with infrastructure assets
  • Investment trusts: Shopping for discounts
  • US and EU ‘IRA’: Made in China?
  • Top tips for maximum efficiency at the turn of the tax year
  • The real book
  • Gilts and gold funds shine in flight to safety
  • A value view: The Merchants Trust PLC
  • QD View: Discounts, time to get serious?
  • Equity strategy and market outlook
  • Mind the gap: Women’s finance hit hardest by cost-of-living crisis
  • 45% of UK investors don’t understand how their investments are taxed
  • Keep calm and carry on: Wise words from investing legends that have seen it all
  • India: If you build it, they will come
  • Investing Basics: Is a SIPP right for me?
  • Piece by piece
  • Hardman Talks: Intellectual property
  • Saver > Investor: What do ETFs invest in?
  • Optimism and balanced portfolios
  • Saver > Investor: Understanding cash flow
  • Technology funds bounce back
  • Saver > Investor: A simple guide to risk profiled funds



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