DIY Investor Magazine Issue 30


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‘A wafer thin mint…….?’

The IPCC report delivered a ‘code red for humanity’ with scientists warning that only an immediate reduction in the burning of fossil fuels can prevent climate catastrophe.

So, will Boris Johnson use COP26 to turn worthy words into action? He’ll have a tough crowd – Greta Thunberg recently called the UK’s claim to lead the world in tackling climate change a ‘lie’.

‘Tipping points’ will inevitably feature in Glasgow as we learn where we have caused irreparable damage to the planet, and where there is still hope. The recent ten-day ‘Impossible Rebellion’ in London may have been a tipping point as scientists, doctors and lawyers joined the ‘crusties’ to decry the damage we continue to do.

ESG investing is now woven into the fabric of asset management with an increasing number of investment opportunities for those wishing to be part of the solution such as HydrogenOne Capital Growth, the UK’s first closed-ended fund focusing on ‘clean hydrogen’.

How investors can make the most positive impact is a moot point; should fossil fuel companies be ‘punished’, or be entrusted to accelerate the development of alternatives? In this issue an active manager argues that ‘engagement is better than divestment as it will more likely lead to better practices over time’

Incongruously, Marlboro maker Philip Morris now has a mission to ‘unsmoke the world’ as it morphs into a ‘healthcare and wellness company.’

The increasing frequency of extreme climate events requires immediate and robust action and investors have an important part to play; ‘slowing the rate of growth of..’ feels like the wafer thin mint.

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