DIY Investor Magazine Issue 11


diy investor magazine


September 2016


  • The Quest for Income in a Low-interest Economy
  • Bats Challenges FTSE ‘Monopoly’
  • Quest for Income – Preference Shares
  • Quest for Income – Dividends ‘Supercharge’ Returns
  • Scramble of Dividends in Asia has just Begun
  • Digging Deeper – Uranium Miner Berkeley Energia
  • Investing for Children – Speculate to Accumulate
  • Japan: Land of the Rising Dividend
  • Are Some Bonds Equities masquerading as Debt?
  • ETFs vs Old Fashioned Index Trackers
  • Quest for Income – Investors ‘Flock’ to Passive Investments
  • Investing in Digital Payments
  • Welcome to the Machine – Q&A with MD of robo-adviser Scalable Capital, Adam French
  • City Grump has a lot to say about FTSE100 pay and the BHS Pension Scandal – natch.





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