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‘There’s no room for the weak, no room for the weak’ 1


Last week reached a new low, even by the standards of Brexit and its supporters, Tsar Boris has triggered prorogation, suspending parliament as I predicted a few weeks ago, although, deep down, I didn’t believe it could happen.

After this week parliament will be closed for 5-weeks, leaving MPs little time to discuss his plans for Brexit, and making No Deal more likely.

An unelected prime minister has ridden roughshod over one of the main tenets of Brexit; the restoration of parliamentary sovereignty and taking back control of our laws. Not only is its ability to pass legislation neutered, anything laws it does try to implement could be ignored by the Rat Pack, if Shifty is to be believed.

‘An unelected prime minister has ridden roughshod over one of the main tenets of Brexit’

Our unwritten constitution has survived for so long and though momentous events because governments respected parliamentary sovereignty. This has been trashed by Tsar Boris and Rasputin, taking back control is the be all and end all for them, and nothing must get in their way.


‘See right through the red, white and blue disguise, With lecture I puncture the structure of lies Installed in our minds and attempting To hold us back’ 2


What a difference the much derided previous PM was, we should remember how many times Theresa May was willing to stand in parliament hour after hour taking the pain on Brexit statements, because she had respect for parliament.

Of course, there are some people in favour of this tactic; if you are for No Deal then Tsar Boris is delivering democracy, honouring the referendum result and ignoring a predominantly remain parliament. The end justifies the means.

However, viewed from a different angle the real picture becomes apparent….


For example,


  • Sleepy becomes PM after winning a no-confidence vote, without winning a general election, his party has no majority, and is dependent on a coalition partner.
  • Sleepy then undertakes a radical agenda that will result in a self-inflicted economic shock, damage the country’s social fabric and leave us internationally weakened.
  • Knowing that parliament opposes his plans he suspends it.


At this point there would be hysteria, comparisons to Venezuela, and cries of communist tyranny. The forces of the establishment would intervene and would do whatever it took to stop him.

The difference between the two is? Tsar Boris represents the forces of the establishment

The actions of Tsar Boris and the Rat Pack are exactly why I changed the title of this column, there is a bigger and more sinister issue here.

The Rat Pack are determined to rule in whatever way they choose, allowing them to go around Parliament once is an open invitation to do it again. In fact, why bother with it at all?

‘The Rat Pack are determined to rule in whatever way they choose’

It’s not where you start that matters, it where you finish. As was said in Godfather, ‘They should have stopped Hitler at Munich. They should’a never let him get away wit’ dat. They were just askin’ for big trouble when they let him get away wit’ dat.’

We cannot rely on others in the Rat Pack to act as a check and balance on him, they are terrified of Rasputin, as evidenced by the complete lack of support shown by Spineless when ones of his aides was dismissed and marched-out of the building by Rasputin’s goon squad.

Furthermore, they are all supine careerist devoid of principle, it isn’t only 30-pieces of silver who changes her tune when required.

Not so long ago Shifty, the co-convenor of Vote Leave, said: ‘But we didn’t vote to leave without a deal. That wasn’t the message of the campaign I helped lead. During that campaign, we said we should do a deal with the EU and be part of the network of free trade deals that covers all Europe, from Iceland to Turkey.’ He continued saying, ‘Leaving without a deal on March 29 would not honour that commitment. It would undoubtedly cause economic turbulence.’

‘they are all supine careerist devoid of principle’

Or Pinocchio; To prorogue is to ‘suspend parliamentary democracy’, and that ‘goes against everything that those men who waded on to those beaches fought and died for’.

There are several questions to be considered:

Will people see this as their constitution and parliament being ignored by a revolutionary right-winger?

Or will they view Tsar Boris as the true representative of the people, leading angry Brexiters to the promised land?

What should the civil service do? Do they carry on obeying orders to drive the country into a no-deal Brexit disaster when they see parliament barred from that nation-changing decision?

Bob Kerslake, former head of the civil service, has said, ‘We are reaching the point where the civil service must consider putting its stewardship of the country ahead of service to the government of the day,’.

The civil service needs to consider the democratic validity of any instruction to facilitate a no-deal Brexit without parliamentary assent.


  • A no-deal Brexit was never proposed in the referendum
  • three-quarters of the public are against it, along with the overwhelming majority of MPs.
  • Tsar Boris has not been elected, and commands no majority


It’s impossible to predict how this will play out simply because we are in such unchartered territory.

‘the real casualties will be the ordinary people seduced into thinking Brexit would improve their lot’

The Rat Pack resembles the German leadership after D-Day, by the end of 1945 it was obvious the war was lost yet they persisted, why? Because they had nothing left to lose, they had gambled everything, the Rat Pack is no different, defeat will, hopefully, see all their political careers ended.

But they are the establishment, they don’t really lose, the real casualties will be the ordinary people seduced into thinking Brexit would improve their lot. It won’t, and No Deal will be worse still. The system is self-serving, the rich will continue to get richer and the poor will get poorer.

And to those who voted Leave to ‘stick it to London’, bad luck. London is akin to a city-state, a tax-haven for the worlds’ wealthiest people. We will regenerate and prosper because it’s what London does.


‘There’s a lot of opportunities if there aren’t you can make them make or break them.’ 3




pg 0309


Another triple treat for lyric spotters this week, and just as things are becoming incredibly complex at HQ, Philip seems to be becoming more fiendish by the week; a recent meeting of the DIY Prize Committee unanimously agreed double points across the piece this week, to be redeemed in the usual way.

1 First off the rank is the welcome return of an old favourite in Joy Division, this time with ‘Day of The Lords’ from the band’s inaugural studio album, Unknown Pleasures, which is forty years young this year.

Next 2, a new band to Philip’s abstruse test and a track that he describes as ‘just angry’ – appropriately, its LA’s Rage Against the Machine with ‘Take the Power Back’

Then 3 comes the inevitable curve ball – as soon as you give up and Google it, the reaction will be the same; of course, bloody hell, when you see its Pet Shop Boys with ‘Opportunities’. But then what the heck are they doing in there? 

I’ll just have a little tally up……er……none; hope you did better – enjoy! 



Philip Gilbert 2Philip Gilbert is a city-based corporate financier, and former investment banker.

Philip is a great believer in meritocracy, and in the belief that if you want something enough you can make it happen. These beliefs were formed in his formative years, of the late 1970s and 80s


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