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DIY Investor Pete aka the ‘Wheelie Dealer’ has realised that the less he tinkers with his portfolios, the better they perform; he’s going to enjoy some ‘me’ time and let the high quality stocks he has selected do the heavy lifting.


After a really difficult start to 2018 with pretty much the first 3 months being a steady slide, it is really nice to have a huge about turn and April has been much more pleasant for me and from a negative situation for 2018 so far of perhaps as much as 4% down at the worst point, at the time of typing this on Friday 17th May my portfolio is now up 3% and things just feel a whole lot nicer!

One rather strange aspect to this year for me has been the performance of my ‘do nothing’ Income Portfolio which is up a pretty amazing 8% since the start of the year and as I just implied, I have done almost nothing to it in the last 4 months apart from selling out of my Sainsburys (SBRY) position because I have never really been happy with the Argos deal and the latest efforts to buy Asda tipped me over the edge to dumping it.

‘the portfolio which I completely ignore is up 8%…. whereas the ‘normal’ portfolio is only up 3%’

If you check out my website you should find a page dedicated to my portfolios and the Income Portfolio appears right at the top. For ages it has had just 12 Holdings but I intend to perhaps nudge this up to 15 as a maximum but I am in no great panic to do this. Having sold SBRY I am currently down to 11 but I have some candidates in my mind to replace it and add to the diversification.

I do find it remarkable (and more than a little ironic!) that the portfolio which I completely ignore is up 8% whereas the ‘normal’ portfolio I have where I am always up to something or other is only up 3% – it really does make me wonder why I bother sometimes!

Of course in reality this is a bit of a fluke and the Income Portfolio has been helped by holding a few stocks which have done really well as the markets overall have been soggy. Particular winners have been Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) which has made new all time highs even today and stocks like Astrazeneca (AZN) and Royal Mail (RMG) (had results today and got spanked after a really strong run up) have been very strong in 2018.

The real philosophy behind the Income Portfolio is that it is about capturing a chunky and rising dividend which is blended across the portfolio at about 5% and then with a couple of percent of capital gain and it should deliver 7% or so per year on average with minimal maintenance and lower risk than my ‘normal’ investing activities.

I have been running it for about 4 years now and so far it has certainly lived up to my expectations and if 2018 carries on in this vein then it will be well in excess of what I am after this year.

Having sold SBRY this gives me a bit of a ‘problem’ though – my Income Portfolio is probably about 16% in cash now and I really need to deploy that into another stock and get the dosh working for me.

I am extremely selective when it comes to any of my holdings but for the Income Portfolio I need something that should be low maintenance, give a dividend of perhaps 4% as a minimum and be something where the dividend is likely to steadily grow over time with me not having to worry about it and with perhaps the odd chance to buy more now and again.

Of course, as well as these factors it must also ‘fit’ in with the rest of the portfolio so that is an important consideration. I have a stock in mind and I am currently stalking it with a view to buying – so hopefully I will pounce soon and no doubt I will update my website once this occurs.

If you look under the Blog category ‘Scores on the Doors’ on my Blog page then you will find the ‘report’ I did on my performance for 2017 and this includes a lot more detail on the Income Portfolio and how it has done.

‘all the tinkering and mucking about many of us do is really just a waste of effort’

Anyway, it has been pretty much ‘business as usual’ for me for a while and I have not been particularly active with my portfolios and more and more I am heading towards an approach of doing very little to my stocks and just sitting back and letting them ‘do their thing’.

I really am tending towards a view that all the tinkering and mucking about many of us do is really just a waste of effort and probably adds nothing to our performance over the year and probably even detracts from it. The key to me seems to be to focus on holding really good quality stocks and to let them work for me.

With summer now perhaps just about starting (after an extremely long time coming!) I want to be out and about and enjoying myself and I see it as good for my soul to be away from all the ‘screen time’ and letting my physical and mental self have time relaxing and doing other things and just forgetting all about it.

It is obvious that if we neglect our own wellbeing then there is no way we can ever be good investors and of more importance to me is that I did not ‘retire’ 9 Years ago or so just to sit at home looking at a screen all day – I would rather trade off a few % of returns each year in exchange for lots of fun and enjoying what chunk of my life I have left.


Life really is too short – get out and enjoy it people!


‘til next time, Cheers, WD.



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