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What do we know – actually really know – about the pandemic? Is it what it seems on face value? When can we re-open our economies? And when we do, will there be more spending on healthcare?



In the second edition of Edison Think Tank, host Bill O’Rahilly, Edison director, Ireland also asks how close we are to a cure or vaccine and which companies are on the leader board. Is any one in particular in pole position?

Professor Luke O’Neill, Chair of Biochemistry at Trinity College, Dublin and Andreas Wicki, CEO of HBM Healthcare Investments, cut through the confusion, and in the process provide some very illuminating answers.

Whether you are an investor of just want a clearer and deeper understanding of the virus itself, this episode of Edison Think Tank is a must-see.

Missed episode 1? Catch-up here.

In the first episode, Bill O’Rahilly was given a glimpse behind the Asian lockdowns (virtually, of course) to experience the detail of how other governments are controlling coronavirus, discover how the world is permanently changing and the longer-term implications of COVID-19 for society, economics and business.

The insights are provided by David Fergusson of Nimoi Holdings, a third-generation family investment company in Singapore, and Edward Chan (PhD), the former head of Asian equities at Royal London Asset Management.


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