Francis MooreI was reminded today from a post on twitter of a very good friend, advocating that Brexit would result in nothing but continued participation in the EU single market.

The decision to leave the EU is nothing about finances or trade or a single market.

It is about whether we want to be part of a European Super State, over which we will have no control, and will be bled dry. The EU wants to use the UK not support it. That is why it is so difficult to resign from the EU.

Bullies run scared. That is their motivation to bully because they have lost the argument but will do all they can to prevent the argument being heard. They are playing hard ball because they have lost the argument.

For all the hype the EU is a broken dream.

‘For all the hype the EU is a broken dream’

Various sub-causes have got caught up in the debate.

Immigration. Economics (that woeful promise about EU payments being re-directed to the NHS). Single market participation.

Yes all these are important issues but the prime issue is about the UK taking control of it’s borders, its immigration policy (which does not mean no immigration as to taking in the best talents from around the world) and being able to strike the best deals in trading with the whole world, not just those that the EU takes years in securing.

My wife has just been watching Winston. Let us remind ourselves that but for the GB and its Commonwealth, Europe would have been part of another totalitarian state.

A country that despite all learned to innovate and eventually regain Europe. Latterly with US support.

So it is with huge disrespect that Europe now seeks to exploit Brexit.
Bullies are inherently weak people. Does the greater Europe want to be dominated by weak people at the helm?


Francis Moore is an unpaid, freelance contributor, to DIY Investor. Just contributing from practical experience.

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